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Gaming expert Barney Vinson and Host Cheryl Maxfield deliver comprehensive, advanced instructions on how to play winning Craps. Craps, Las Vegas, casino, Players Network, gambling, Poker, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, las vegas, casino, craps, how to, teach me, how to,Poker, poker tournaments,…

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  1. over long term youre gunna lose at any game :P unless you can count cards

  2. If you listened to his last words, over the long term you are going to loose. Taking odds is a bad idea. If you do the actual calculations, odds do not change your expected value. However, they increase the volatility and if you are not playing with a large amount of money over a long period of time, your risk of ruin goes up.

  3. I remember my best game in craps, I was 48 MINUTES rolling the dices, I bet 150 in first shot, and converted into 10,800 at the end (plus tips for dealers)

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  6. Do you want to double your money ????

    Fold it in half !

  7. My wife and I made an anniversary trip to Tunica a few years ago. Spent money in a few really nice casinos but made enough in one night at craps to pay for the trip. I always wanted to try but couldn’t get passed the intimidation factor – until I met a guy who was nice enough to show me the basics. (most people want to be left alone, including me now) anyway, I played but didn’t win any that night, but the next night I turned $60.00 into $1200.00 in a few hours at one HOT table.

  8. still suited at 100 years old.

  9. 3 days ago at the casino playing black jack. lost $95 in like 30mins. went and learned how to play craps with only $15. i was up and down. at one point i was up to about $80. but i was still new to the game so i was making field bets and wasnt taking my odds. went the next night to another casino and the dealer and stick men told us about the odds and the best way to win. they helped out so much. i made my money back from the night before and some. went tonight and won $85 in 30mins. i<3craps

  10. oops, sorry (backs away slowly) I didn’t realize this was the Players Network… I’m not a player.

  11. RANDOM VOICE OVER “That’s where you make your money….” WTF! Lost all credibility at that point….

  12. Craps is the SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!

  13. By far the best video about how to play I have seen. The sample game is super handy.

  14. i play craps a lot, this guys explains it about as simple and clear as it can be done, if you are still confused after this video, play another game!

  15. Why bet the Come? You have to hit your number TWICE as opposed to a place bet. A place bet can hit 4 times in a row and get paid EVERY time while a come bet has to be re-established and wins only twice.

  16. Boring video, I’ll stick to my roulette games

  17. so whats the best way to play this game? just pass line, hard bets, and come? (like the video said)

  18. Come bets that are on a number: The odds are off when there is no point established. The odds are returned if the shooter rolls a 7 and the flat loses. The flat is the orginal come bet placed in the come area before it traveled to a number. You can’t have a bet in the come area durning a come out roll. Or the Don’t Come

  19. more details please.

  20. Random yell at 17:10

  21. You’re incorrect; The come bet Odds are OFF during the come out roll and the Flat is working and can’t be taken down. Place bets are Off on the come out as well unless called “Working” I’m a Las Vegas Craps Dealer

  22. I could never deal with the goof at the far right.

  23. Why do they give you a history lesson… give us the details on the game for goodness sake.

  24. HaHa……..He did not mention you can take your come bets back on the come out roll. Which means he’s working for the casino…lol as you may have watched the 7 roll on the come out you loose the come bets. you can also just say come bets off on the come out and if a 7 rolls your bet is safe………good video but missing some key pointers.

  25. gameception